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Charasmatic Couple in a Beautiful Meadowview Garden Wedding

Both Phillip and Ashley are accomplished people. Both achieved a house and established their ideal careers before merging their individual lives into one. Both intellectual and charismatic people, Phillip and Ashley's love for each other proved that their paths completed separately just were not nearly as beautiful as the path they would forge together. Isn't that how love works? It harmonizes and orchestrates two lives more beautifully than we can plan or imagine. What a blessing that they have each other to share such determination.

Our first meeting with these two was enlightening! They knew what they wanted and had direct and detailed questions about how we worked with each other and our brides. We were concerned about performing for this couple but impressed and encouraged for the challenge of providing exactly what they had envisioned for their day! As for us, we couldn't image a more beautiful day and the magic in their connection was a sight to see.

Creative Team with all their amazing skills and efforts:

Paul and Casey at Meadowview Gardens in Bates City

Rachel Mifflin at Ivory and Lace Boutique

Alex Glaviano with AGartistry

Motty Franks of Split Ends Salon