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Proposal at the Kansas City Country Club Plaza

Tia + Matt | J. C. Nichols Memorial Fountain

This guy took the initiative.

For the 3rd time in one month, we were contacted from a lone ranger boyfriend seeking a photographer to capture the earth-shattering moment of dropping a knee to his lady. We were ecstatic to be a part of such a monumental occasion. It takes a courageous man to capture these kinds of moments for his special lady. He knew it would mean the WORLD to them later in life so he made sure I was there.

The details leading up to the big moment were a little cloudy or at least began to mesh with proposals we had previously captured.. The plan soon became clear as Matt and Tia walked right up to me while I was hiding behind a tree, waiting to see this moment happen. Matt was even talking to me on the phone as he walked up with his lovely girlfriend. Once we started snapping pictures, I quickly remembered the plan! I was posing as a college buddy needing help for a "school project" in photography. As you can see from the first image below, this was us "pretending" to just take a few shots.

I will have to admit, Matt and I had never met. I had seen a profile picture of him on LinkedIn but that was it. So to my confusion as I was at the fountain 45 minutes early, I began taking pictures of another couple thinking it was Matt and Tia! The situation was silly, but its now just a funny story. The important thing is I was there to capture the beginning of something amazing. Two people starting their journey to love each other for eternity. Its evident in these images they are excited to begin their lives together.