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C & H's One Year

There are some neat areas around the KC area. Architecture and people residing in modern style make some areas seem to be from the coast. These beautiful places help get us somewhere outside of our normal suburbia homes. It takes us somewhere green and sunny. It even will put a smile on some faces.

We love these two birds. They are finding themselves in front of the camera quite often and not only for us. Not only are they fun and warm, but they collect comic books and compete daily on the video game system. That's what partners in love do. They keep their friendship alive. What better way to do that then to play games.

The wifey isn't always wanting to be in the pic, but she is always willing to help me scout around the area. We ran into some interesting housing as well. With the neat buildings and pretty area, It turned into a mini date before the shoot. Romance exists. You just have to take the opportunity.