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Caleb's Proposal

Secrets are fun.

My buddy Caleb came to me one day and spilled a can of beans on me. A big can. And no, not the literal soppy/slimy beans all over my front side. He opened up to me and said he wanted to propose to his lady friend. He wanted to not only ask the biggest question of their lives together, he wanted to blow her mind at the same time. My eyes gazed into deep thought of this future experience and my brain began to fill with ideas. We were going to stage a "college project" for Caleb and his girl.

Heather, Caleb's woman, didn't know I was a photographer. Lets be honest, everyone, their mom, their grandmother, and their aunty are photographers anymore. Modern cameras and their prices allow for many peeps for get into the industry. This is a whole other topic in its own so let's save that for later and continue with the story (come on, Mike!). She had no idea about my part-time profession and Caleb instructed to her that they were helping me with a college project. Oh, how fun this was. We started taking some shots acting as a favor for me when suddenly Caleb got down on one knee and blew her sweet little mind to pieces with these words..."Will you marry me?" Check out the video and the photos of the shoot below (video does not work on mobile devices):

Being sappy about these kinds of things are not my cup o' tea. But chase what you're heart is after. As long as you are looking to serve and make that person happy while respecting yourself, only good can come from that situation.