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Engagement with personality in West Bottoms KC

Energy Is Key

However you want to put it, playtime is no fun unless you have energy. Deadbeats can ruin a party. Everyone will agree. Everyone will also agree they can spot fun when they see it. Jordan and Crystal have fun wherever they go. Its easy to see. You could say it's Crystal clear!

Shot in the beautiful West Bottoms of Kansas City, it was a gorgeous day that allowed some great shots of a very happy and sharp couple. After rescheduling for the 2nd time because of weather, it was a killer sky. The clouds were low and our spirits were high. Visual person like me? Check out the picta below:

I truly wish I shot everyone that was this happy with life. It's a big wish, but as long as I get couples like this, this photo biz could be crazy fun. REAL FUN. Finding this "fun" comes from having a true joy for life. They had it. They still have it. I can't wait for the fun we have for the wedding. This shoot was short compared to their wedding day, but there were many smiles and their playfulness gleamed.

And that's the end of it. Moral of the story: enjoy life and enjoy each other. These opportunities are thin so take them as a kid takes to cake.