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Kevin + Elizabeth | Engaged


A mixture of metal, greens, and canine companions made for quite a stellar shoot with these two lovely people. Shot at the beautiful Kauffman Center in downtown KC, we were able to get pictures with a different perspective than what you are used to seeing at this location. Think outside the box! We utilized the gritty aspect of the area with some great lines and colors that really complimented the attire of Elizabeth and Kevin.

The day was gorgeous. I know that is what you are used to hearing from me, but it just was. So blessed to have these opportunities. I am grateful for them just as these two are grateful for their favorite canines. 

Kevin had 2 of his own before Elizabeth, and Elizabeth had little Madison prior to Kevin. The combining of these two lives makes for 5 living together in great harmony and companionship. They have a new pack of their own. All for one and one for all!