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Magic at the Theater

The night started beautifully and I was sick to my stomach about it. I thought that with everything working perfectly that something would have to crash down on my parade. I had been praying that week that God would allow smoothness to that night. Things like safe travels, healthy people, and a richness in choice of proposing words were the main points to those prayers. It was all too much for me to handle. I gave it to Jesus and just began to enjoy the evening. I'm glad I did. It turned out to be an incredible night.

My girl's intuition is off the charts. Eye-piercing, and thought provoking facial gestures kept me on the edge of insanity as I tried to act normal. Not an easy task. I give her props for almost always knowing what I'm up to. But this time, I reigned as the glorious champion of secrets.

The night began with us heading to the drive in movie theater. Once we arrived, we parked right in front of the screen on a busy night because of some helpful patrons reserving the spot for us. All it took was a wink to let them know that I was the guy running the show. As soon as we setup the truck bed, I ran to the "bathroom" for a quick look around to find family and friends hiding around the theater.  As the movies began as her head laid resting on my chest, she began to feel my heart pumping at incredible speeds. She commented on the abnormal rate and I dismissed the conversation by saying "I'm fine."  As we began to watch the first trailer, she starts to hear my voice on the sound system. Up on the big screen that night was the video posted above. It explains my family and my heart. Once the video ends, I turn to propose. She says yes and our friends and family come out of hiding and congratulate us on the engagement.

God had his hand in all of this. His ability to train and develop us as followers along with blessing us with special events like this makes our lives so fruitful and beautiful. I am very grateful for my Curtis family and my new Willard family. God is good.

My man Brett Smith took these brilliant shots of the special night. He arrived at the theater at 8 that night to ensure video functionality. He's quite the friend and photographer. A big high-five to that man and his fam.

The night was a rare one. Being an inner city theater, Boulevard Theaters had a bright sky making the evening even more remarkable. Once I realized the beauty, I did what all photographers do: snag the bag and take a shot.

The night ended abruptly. On our way back to my fiancé's house, not even 12 minutes after we left, the truck's fuel pump pumped its last time and we were stranded. We just barely made it off the highway onto a main road in Overland Park. Within 30 seconds of coming to a final halt, we had a visual of a tow truck making his way towards us 3 blocks back. God provides. He took care of us that evening. We made it back to the house around 4:30. That was a jam-packed day full of events. I appreciate every second of them.