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Catherine + Aaron | Married

A Royal Wedding Set in Downtown KC

The month our beloved Royals would prove themselves as champions was the month Aaron and Catherine tied the knot. Throughout the day would be accents of blue keeping our minds on our Boys in Blue during this wonderful day of celebration! With the beautiful Catherine and her captivating groom, they would serenade the Kansas City area with their charm and elegant appeal.

From her gown to the magical Mark Twain Room in downtown KC, this particular day would be a special one. All parties, all members, all families involved were a part of a dreamy wedding day most of us had seen only while on cloud nine. Emotions poured and the best man's speech gave way for an evening meant for long friends and special moments. This day will be one we remember and look forward for those to experience it through our imagery.

A special thanks to all of those involved!

~ Mark Twain Ballroom ~